Project Rome BC2 Server Rental?

I see there are options for renting a BF3 server for VU however none for BC2 Project Rome. With the shutdown of BC2 looming, does anyone host BC2 Project Rome rentals?

Did you have any luck with this? I am trying to run a server for BBC2 but not having much luck? can it be done through project Rome?

I know of only one place that’s renting out game servers for BF:BC2. I haven’t tried them yet. So I can’t attest to their services. The website is called XLGAMES.PRO - I don’t mind if this post would get deleted, due to posting a link. No problem.

Personally, I’d want to get a local desktop BF:BC2 server going first, before going ahead with renting a server. But instructions are hard to find. But that’s off-topic. If anyone knows any advice, visit and reply to this topic entitled “Help needed: Create own BF:BC2 server with A.I. bots”.