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Promod - The competetive BF3 experience


This mod is heavily based on the Call of Duty 4 Promod, and kinda works like CS:GO's defusal gametype. Attackers need to kill all enemies or plant the bomb before the timer runs out. Defenders need to defend both bombsites or wait for the timer to run down.



You can find and modify the config file here: ext\Shared\kPMConfig.lua


Type !warmup in chat to start the warmup period.
Use the kpm.kpm_force_ready_up console command as an admin (set your name in the kPMConfig.lua) to force ready up everyone in the warmup period.


Warning: You might experience crashes when loading the next map, the code is optimized for single map use only!

XP2_Skybar TeamDeathMatchC0 2
MP_017 TeamDeathMatch0 2
MP_011 TeamDeathMatch0 2
MP_001 TeamDeathMatch0 2

You can create your maps too! Modify the MapsConfig.lua to create your own map.


If you encounter any issues while playing Promod, please let me know by adding a ticket on the GitHub repo's issue page:


Promod is a work in progress mod so keep in mind that. (583.3 KB)


Awesome Stuff,

Just tried running the mod on the server and on boot I get the following:


Any ideas on that one?



Hipfire Bug still in game. Maybe some1 is able to fix this.

Sadly you need to build the UI yourself using npm and vuicc.exe.

Install npm then open up the ui folder with cmd then:
npm install
npm run build

Then with vuicc.exe you need to build the folder called build inside the ui folder.
You can read more about vuicc here:

But probably later today im gonna release a version that is pre built.


sadly nobody will care, long due mode for bf3, dead game rly

Thanks for the reply, will run the buiild

Hi - what is NPM and were can this be downloaded?

Just wanted to say the build folder doesnt exist so you cant build the UI. Will wait for your new version with it all done - please release it asap :slight_smile: thanks

Updated the post, there is a built release now!

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