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Purchase VU? and Antivirus won't allow download "Blacklist" virus detected

Am moving over from Project Reality (BF2 mod). I have BF3 Limited Edition since 2011 on Origin.

Confused with directions. Am I supposed to pay for Venice Unleashed? I couldn’t find that expansion pack in Origin store.

When I tried to download VU from this website, my antivirus quarantined the file.
“Blacklist virus detected”.

What do I do now?


Hi! VU is not an expansion, it´s a modding framework not affiliated with EA & DICE.
You can download VU from the VU Website.
If your Anti-Virus detects it as a virus - pls join the Venice Unleashed Discord and post that into the feedback channel so a developer can sort that issue with the antivirus. You also will get further support over there!

Hope to see you soon in Reality Mod! :slight_smile:

make sure your downloading from this site then turn that crap off(anti virus) download it up then turn av back on…should whitlist it(the program)…or at least that is what i had to do…i had AVG free