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Rank up/progression

Hi there. I would like to know if it is planned to incorporate ranking up or progression to obtain weapons/ attachments, as you would do in vanilla BF3.

I am aware that many players dont really want this feature because it is considered to be grindy to unlock everything, which is why this should be an optional feature. The player should simply tik a box upon creating a new soldier that enables/disables this feature. The progression should also be stored per soldier, either locally or on a server, depending on complexity.

I have been experimenting with modding using VU’s tools myself. I have found the files that reference some form of experience needed to progress on, but I still don’t know where it is set for everything to be unlocked.

If this feature is not planned, I would be more than happy to try to mod it in myself if somebody is willing to explain the fundamentals of locking/unlocking anything that can become gated behind progression.

Apart from that, thank you for providing such an amazing platform for modding in BF3!!

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Iv always wanted a way to have potential progression in the whole project in general ether via a Mod or by a feature incorporated into the VU project itself. I would love to see something like this come to fruition, I was discussing it briefly on the Discord server a couple of days ago that I would love some form of progression as that adds to the feel of wanting to keep playing more and more so there is a motivation to keep playing. You raise some good points on this subject with it potentially being a toggle switch when you create a soldier or having it added in via a mod of some kind.

All in all at least for me having a goal or something to work towards and motivate me to keep playing would add to my enjoyment of combining something like this with the Fun-Bots mod. As currently it just feels like I can jump in play a game or too and then jump out as I get board the only thing keeping me playing is BF3’s core mechanics being the gunplay and class system which have always been really solid. But having something to progress and achieve adds to that fun even more, but thats just my opinion and I understand some players don’t want this as you mentioned it would be grindy and I can see there point.

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