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Not sure if I posted this in the right spot. But I have a community of about 5000 and we are super stoked to be setting up a server. Due to high demand I wanted to inquire if there was a way to readd the ability to levelup, get upgrades, and maybe a ranking system to the server? Thank you for your time in reading this and hope to hear something soon.

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Welcome to VU. There was a server around with a ranking system but I think the mod is not publicly available. VU has local SQL support so you can create a ranking system for your server.

If there is such a demand, I am sure people will help into getting something together. Try VU discord, it is more active than the server.

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Hi I am also curious as to how I would be able to setup my own ranking system. I do have some programming experience, but i have no idea as how to start to setup something like this.

Any advice as to how i can start, or if somebody has already posted this?


Start from the Wiki and have a go through to start understanding how to create a mod. The I would join the VU discord, there is a mod release section with mods as pinned messages where you would find a mod example and start editing it. Additionally there is a channel for modding help. First start with getting the stats of each player, which you can save locally as sql databases. If you then what to have a cross server system you need to create a webserver and send the data with http requests but obviously that will open a security issue.

Ask in VU discord if anyone has already a similar mod to share. I think there is one but not released.

Thanks for the reply!

I have already started working through the documentation and was able to create a basic mod on my local server. My problem was that I couldn’t understand how to gate weapons and such behind progression. The file structure of the files and partitions regarding progression mentioned it in one file:, but I couldn’t figure out how these parameters communicated with the engine to act as progression gates.

But anyways, ill check out the VU discord server.

I don’t think you edit the partition, you probably need to edit the unlocks of each player entity after the game has load.

Well for me, step 1 is to discover where or in which file/section/instance/partition the game keeps track of all the weapons that a player can use. Basically, the section that is linked to each player entity.

Step 2 is then to figure out how to lock/disable weapons/attachments in that section. I would have hoped that it might be as easy as setting a bool value of example: “Unlocked” or something to false, but it looks like i may need to remove those weapons from a list to not display them.

Step 3 would be to create some form of local storage (thankfully VU supports local SQL) and create a database structure describing how to store exp, ranks, weapon/vehicle ranks and class ranks.

Step 4 will then be to create functions that is then hooked onto events such as “gainedExp” (not the actual event name…) that would fire and update the database with those exp values.

There might be more complex methods of doing this, but this is a basic example. Step 1 and 2 is still the current problem, because i dont know where the game does this, according to the partitions and instances loaded on github.

Any advice on where on can get this information would be very much appreciated!