Running a local unlisted server for mod development

For developing mods, you’ll need a local unlisted server to test with. Assuming you’re on a Windows PC with VU already installed, this guide shows you how.

  1. Generate a server key on this page:
    Name is something sensible e.g. “Mod dev key”
  2. Open Powershell from the start menu
  3. Type cd $env:APPDATA\..\Local\VeniceUnleashed\client and press Enter
  4. Type .\ and press Enter. This command will fail, but it will create the folder structures used by the server.
  5. Download the “server.key” you created earlier from the key management page and save it to Documents\Battlefield 3\Server
  6. Now run: .\ -unlisted. This will run your local server - keep the Powershell window open or the server will die!
  7. Copy the Server ID from the key management page:
  8. Open VU and select your soldier. Open the console using the " ` " key and type connect <guid> - replace <guid> with the server ID you copied earlier by pressing Ctrl-V
  9. Success! You now have a modable local server. To stop the server, press Ctrl-C in the Powershell window.