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Server Banner Missing?

I’m remote-hosting a server via AllianceApps - and as far as I can peice together, the server banner command goes into the ‘Startup.txt’ file, like this:

vu.ServerBanner InsertURLHere

But so far I cannot get the banner to display in the VU server browser. I’ve tried a couple different image hosting websites, and verified the image was not set to expire or block downloading. I also tried deleting the space between the URL and the beginning of the command, as I saw it written that way in some document. I am also aware that it must be an http:// or https:// site, which both were. I also used the reccomended image size, which I can’t seem to find at the moment, but I know I did that right.
What am I doing wrong?

Also, might as well plug the server while I’m here:
We’re running a set of mods we feel like really make the game great, and are looking to populate our server steadily. We’re West US, but the server is East US.

I appreciate the link to support, but I’ve searched this document a few times, and do not see information that awnsers my question. Thank you, anyhow!

If you don’t feel like clicking the link, here’s the information it provides in regard to server banners:

“A URL pointing to a custom server banner image that will be shown to users in the VU server browser. This must be an http or https URL pointing to a JPEG image with the .jpg extension. The recommended resolution for banner images is 1378x162 . Using inappropriate or hateful images will result in your server being delisted and your server hosting privileges being revoked.”

Ye make sure it’s a .jpg and not a .jpeg.
Also you could show us what the response is if you send the command via the console.

My apologies for the late response, y’all. I did figure out the issue, though!
You need to make sure when copying the URL for the image that it’s the full URL - not the shorthand one that many image hosts provide. To do this, when you arrive at the short URL, right click the image and select ‘Open Image In New Tab’ - the URL this directs you to is the one, ending in .jpg, that should be used.
I’m sure y’all knew that, but posting the solution for any other silly-heads like me that ran into this.