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Server FPS


I don’t understand why I have 9500 FPS server with a vps (8vcores 4790k) and I only have 6000 fps server on a 9900K dedicated server. (with 0 players @60htz)

is it better to have a server with a lot of threads or high frequency threads?

Thank you!

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The BF3 frostbite server (and in extension the VU server) is heavily single threaded, so a higher frequency and single threaded performance should be what you’re aiming for.

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Okay, thank you for your answer.
We tested a ryzen 7 3800x we have 15k fps with 0 players.

I don’t understand why the ryzen has better performance than the 9900k @5ghz

I don’t think the FPS without players on really matter that much. Check the average if the server is full.

Yes but when you start it’s very complicated to fill directly a server

True. Still, don’t pay too much attention to idle FPS. With one of those CPUs you’ll be fine.

at 80 players online :slight_smile: