Server Queue

Now that BF3:RM is out, every server listed is perpetually full. I’m surprised there isn’t some kind of queuing system. Will make it easier to join a server vs. having to keep clicking “OK” on “Server is Full” messages.

Really sucks when you finally get in one, then a menu crashes your game and you can’t get back in.

Maybe a “reconnect” feature would be nice, as well.


A que system is badly needed atm

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Yeah this would come in handy atm.
I pressed join and never got in.

And not losing your spot once u crash for 30 seconds would do alot.

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A server queue will be greatly useful with Reality Mod running on the VU framework, which, aside from the current issues with the realitymod servers being unjoinable, will likely bring more attention and traffic to other servers as well, all of which could benefit from a queue system if they happen to be full. Said attention may even bring new mods onto the framework as more people realize VU’s existence and potential.

Often is the case IME with modded servers and games that people will stick to just one or a few servers with good mods, so you can see why one might want a server queue if they only want into a specific server and it’s full with lots of traffic. Please implement this in VU!

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