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Server running on Linux (wine) is ment for Linux users only?

Since i couldnt find information on this i figured i would ask here.
I tried to launch the server on debian 10 and while everything went fine once i tried to join the server from my computer (Windows 10) i got an error saying that my client in not compatible ?
If i want to join the server from Windows platform i can only host it on Windows as well ?

Yes, you can host on Windows as well. ( The server on Linux does not auto-update when there’s a new update, it requires a server restart in order to update.

Hey, thanks for the answer. I know you can host servers on windows as i already do so. The problem is that if i host the server on LINUX, WINDOWS clients CANT join. That was my question if i host server on linux is there a setting that i need to change or is it ONLY for LINUX users ? Also windows server do not auto update either, you have to restart them.

it works for windows user too.

Not really… tried to host a server on linux and then join from windows machine. I got timed out saying that my client is not compatible

@x_Furious_zaz, it certainly does work. I host a Linux server and join from Windows all the time. Maybe you’re running the Linux server from the dev branch and the Windows client from prod - or vice versa?