Spawning without weapons

Occasionally my friends and I will spawn without any weapons and be unable to shoot or do anything. We can not pick up kits from downed players, but can still interact with vehicles. I see this issue described a lot on other forums but never resolved. This happens very often, to myself and all of my friends and we have not discovered a way to resolve the issue. Has anyone figured out why this happens and what we can do to resolve it?

Same problem here and I don’t know why.

From the mod discord

There is an option in the Registry.lua.
Just set this to true…


My registry.lua doesn’t have this entry, so I’m adding it and I’ll give it a shot! Thank you!

*update I notice that there is a new version of funbots available, which I am downloading now. Thank you

I’ve updated to the latest version of funbots and set USE_LOAD_BUNDLE_BUGFIX = true, but managed to replicate the issue.

Do you think it would be worth addressing this issue to the funbots team at this point?

When i did it still the problem happend, but if just waiting 10-20 seconds the weapons respawn automatically. Doesn’t happend the same to you?

i also have this issue…according to the git.hub logs it is under investigation…say it happens mostly on conquest(or maps where bot use the most vehicles) ive also had it happen on terrhan highway…but it was more like the old periscope glitch where i could shoot but no model…think its a too many sprites issue…happens less with less bots…i play 16v16…95% of the time wont lose my gun