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Specific reasons for VU not working on Linux

Hi! I really wanted to play Battlefield 3 again and remembered seeing your project back in 2019. Glad to see that you finally launched and that it seems to have worked out!

Since I don’t have a Windows installation but the base game runs through WINE, I wanted to ask what the specific issues are that prevent the game from launching when using the VU launcher. I read something in a Reddit comment about shared buffers not being implemented, which I know already made WINE support for other applications impossible for the time being.

My question would be: What specifically is it, might there be a workaround, and do you want help with implementing it? I understand why you keep the source code closed, but a general idea of what the issue is would be nice.

Nevermind, searching for “linux” in your Discord server answered my question, @NoFaTe answered it in February 2021. But if you search for it in the forums now, you’ll find this.