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Hey, can someone elaborate how to get the spectating function to work? Maybe i am missing something obvious here. There is no option to join as a spectator but some servers have this already enabled.

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as you said, some servers disable that option cause i think it uses a player slot.

Oh , i should have mentioned that i want to enable this feature for my own server.

this is a mod to enable spectator


Thank you a lot. Much appreciated

How do I configure my server to allow the spectator button to be used, instead of the mod? In 2015 I hosted a server with VU to host a BF3 cup and I was able to do it correctly. However, I forgot how to do it again lol. I don’t want to use the mod as suggested. Any help @Frankity? TIA

Oh, nevermind. I got it working by using this mod . However, I’m still not sure what the controls are for spectator? I would like to enable the HUD UI, like so

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Otherwise if you want to compile the ui by yourself:

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love the spec mod.
But personaly i think it needs some tweaks.
i notice i cant jump to all players to spectate them