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SPScoreBoard : A Permanant scoreboard for kill distance, and more!


SPScoreBoard is a simple WIP scoreboard mod for sniper distance, each distance is saved inside the server and don’t take care of the gamemode / maps. he is reboot-proof and can tell when you do new distance score with a notification.
He work with the Venice Unleashed engine.


Simply put SPScoreBoard inside the folder Admin/Mods, after, put the name SPScoreBoard inside ModList.txt


SPScoreBoard have some settings in this lua file. Take a look !

Server Side
maxScore : Number of score showed in the scoreboard (Default: 10)
isDebug : Allow the “reset” command, Disable it in “Production” (Default: False)
isHeadShotNeeded : If an headshot is needed for save the score (Default: False)
weapons_allowed : Define weapons list allowed, nil = all weapons allowed (Default: Sniper)

Client Side
inputPress : Key used for open the Scoreboard (Default: F2)



Download (on GitHub) : here

Enjoy ! :smiley:

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