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Squad DeathMatch Dirtbikes!

Squad DeathMatch Dirtbikes! [SQDM-Dirtbikes]

A VU Mod to replace the BMP/LAV with Dirtbikes in Squad DeathMatch maps!

Full Release 1.0.0

This MOD is now working with the 25 Squad DeathMatch Maps listed here:

  • Grand Bazaar
  • Noshahr Canals
  • Teheran Highway
  • Caspian Border
  • Seine Crossing
  • Operation Firestorm
  • Damavand Peak
  • Kharg Island
  • Operation Metro
  • Strike at Karkand
  • Gulf of Oman
  • Sharqi Peninsula
  • Wake Island
  • Bandar Desert
  • Alborz Mountains
  • Armored Shield
  • Death Valley
  • Markaz Monolith
  • Azadi Palace
  • Epicenter
  • Talah Market
  • Operation Riverside
  • Nebandan Flats
  • Kiasar Railroad
  • Sabalan Pipeline

What does the MOD actually do?

The MOD recognises when one of the above Squad Deathmatch maps are loaded on the server and will then:

  • Remove the BMP/LAV spawns from the map.
  • Spawn two groups of 4 Dirtbikes at opposite sides of the map.


The Close Quarters Squad Deathmatch maps are excluded, they are too small to have Dirtbikes running around.


This MOD was based on an original script by Janssent (, who also helped me get to grips with how VU stores its data so massive thanks to him!


No configuration is needed. Just extract this zip file to your servers Mods folder. (40.4 KB)

Have a look at it on GitHub:


Nice! Cool seeing you post your first mod! Congrats! :slight_smile:

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Thanks man! The first of many I think. :slightly_smiling_face:

what would be cool if you could replace it with all vehicles on tdm, for example a tank instead of an MAV or something like that like with the consolevehicles mod but in this mod u can only spawn vehicles on maps where the already are in not something like tdm noshar and u can spawn a tank. You think u can do something like that ?

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking there but yes I could replace / add vehicles to TDM, like adding a tank, but I don’t think it would be very good so I’ll leave that Mod for someone else. :slightly_smiling_face:

thats not for fair gameplay i know but just for fun if u are playing against bots ^^

If you just want to mess around with a tank in TDM then use Janssent’s ConsoleVehicles Mod, you can spawn one using that. :wink:

like i said, i can only spawn for example a tank only on conquest maps or where it is supported :confused:

Ahh yes, it needs the bundle injecting from a map that does support the tank, so it would need a Mod. Sorry not a Mod that I’d be interested in creating. Why not try and do it yourself?

ok now i know it, thx for your answer

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