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Unable to find mod.json file

I’m just testing out a few mods on a private home server, but in my server log there will be an error “Could not find mod.json…” for a given mod. Why does that happen and how can I fix it? I’m brand new to modding and PC gaming, so I’m figuring out a lot of this on the fly. Any help will be appreciated.

mod.json is the descriptor file, loading a mod requires that file to exist on the mod folder.

That makes sense, and I understand it’s importance. The issue I’m having is that even when the mod.json is in the right folder, the server still gives me an error saying it couldn’t find the file. This happened not only with the “my-first-mod” bit from the tutorial I followed, but with other creators established mods as well. Of the seven mods I’ve tried on my personal server, including the tutorial mod, only two have successfully loaded. The other five gave me that error. Why is that and how can I fix it?

I figured it out! The files were one folder too deep.
I just moved them up one folder and they work now. Thanks!