Unexpected symbol near ')' isue

rewritten EODbot mod to make it more usable as standalone mod.
what it does.
the EODbot acts now as a mobile RPG platform and shoot at a low rate (or high rate) RPG’s

the code is easy, but for some reason it spits out a unexpected symbol near ‘)’ message.
i am not the pro LUA coder, but as far i see, it simply should work.

this is the code i use

local partition_eod = Guid (“269BB4A2-0DC3-11E0-B817-B1885439A6BF”)
local instance_eod = Guid (“E280A780-82D0-4B1F-865D-E47865E2772C”)

local partition_rpgprojectile = Guid (“6C857FD9-6FB3-11DE-B35E-864CF572E1C4”)
local instance_rpgprojectile = Guid (“CDD3A384-8243-A258-E23D-239CC0D52698”)

ResourceManager:RegisterInstanceLoadHandler(partition_eod, instance_eod, function(loadedInstance)
loadedInstance = FiringFunctionData(loadedInstance)

loadedInstance.fireLogic.rateOfFire = 150 -- This is the amount in pulse a rocket is shot and repairs
loadedInstance.shot.projectileData = ProjectileEntityData(ResourceManager:RegisterInstanceLoadHandler(partition_rpgprojectile, instance_rpgprojectile, function(loadedInstance)))
loadedInstance.shot.initialSpeed.z = 100 -- Firespeed !
print("Changed EOD bot as a mobile RPG platform  ... ... ...")


this the message output the server gives.

Error: [string “Gadgets_Modules/MMGadgets_EOD_bot.lua”]:13: unexpected symbol near ‘)’
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘base.require’
[string “__init_modules_gadgets.lua”]:34: in main chunk
[C]: in function ‘base.require’
[string “shared/init.lua”]:3: in main chunk

any sugestions ??