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Uninstalling VU?

Hello everyone,

since I needed more space I ordered a new SSD for my PC and put it. Now my problem…
I started to locate my other Origin games which worked perfectly fine but when I tried to locate BF3 Origin just crashed, restarts and crashes again over and over again… I already reinstalled Origin but that didnt fix my problem.
Is there a way to uninstall VU? I think it has something to do with the modded BF3 game since every other game worked fine for me… I also want to keep playing VU so I just want to uninstall it to locate my game in Origin without problems and reinstall VU…

Would be nice if someone could tell me how to uninstall or just tell me which files VU adds to the folder so I can delete them and have an unmodded BF3 folder and hope that Origin will accept it then.

Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:

VU does not make changes to the game files, it wont cause issues with the vanilla BF3. The client files are located on %LOCALAPPDATA% directory.

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Thanks for your reply Reirei!

I uninstalled VU and removed all of the files but sadly it didnt work aswell… So I’ll just re-download BF3…
Was trying to avoid that cause my connection is really bad but I dont know how to fix that and I really wanna play VU now :smiley:

Maybe try renaming the BF3 folder, let Origin download BF3, pause the download, copy the renamed folder back to where it was and resume download.
If you’re lucky Origin accepts the files and finishes the download.