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UniversalWeaponCamos - Add any textures as camos for all primary weapons


This mod adds camos with the textures from the config file to each primary weapon in the game.
I don’t recommend using this on a public server as there are still some bugs to work out.

Some examples:

Creating descriptions for these custom unlocks has been unsuccessful:

(Some failed attempts to create descriptions are commented out)


Add the textures for which to add camos to the config file. There are a bunch of textures you can try in the mod folder. By default the config file includes all textures from Characters/Shared/ClothCamo.


The latest version can be found on Github:


That’s super cool! Great work.


Links in the post have been update to latest version:
Client time-out has been fixed (hopefully) by spreading the cloning over multiple frames.
Camo unlocks in the menu now have the same order as the config file

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Great work! More server should run it

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Mod just stopped working after some rounds

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Some ppl can, some ppl cant choose camos :woozy_face:

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll update the post to warn people untill those issues are fixed

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It works only when you freshly join to the server game (for example Operation Metro). It doesn’t continue to work if you stay until the end screen of the Operation Metro to loading some next map (for example Grand Bazaar). That’s why you have to disconnect the server after the end of the game and rejoin. And it will work. :slight_smile:


By the way one of the coolest mods. Thanks Janssent. The guns now look much better and I hope the mod will be on every server. :smiley: Players love skins. :stuck_out_tongue:


Was it fixed, are the skins on other servers too?

Hello, when I start the map, the game will automatically flash back, may I ask what is the matter, can you fix it?