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VU Crashes upon Deploy

Every time I start a game when I go to deploy the game crashes. I get the following

Crash ID: 1236785a-6fff-4b57-9f26-e0f2c9cfa37d
Build Number: 17384
Release Branch: prod


Any assistance with this would be appreciated.

Same problem here, maps loads fine, customization, etc, but when I hit “Deploy” is an instant CTD

Does this happen on all servers? Most crashes are caused by mods.

In my case, I think that is the mods because I had no problems playing on a server today that wasn’t with mods.

Yeah it has happened on the 3 servers I’ve tried, but BF3 by itself off playable.

In that case, please contact the server owners or mod creators, if possible. It’s nothing we can fix.

My friend has the same problem. Some servers work (also with mods), some wont’t work.

I would like to mention that I can always join those servers that my friend isn’t able to join. That’s kinda weird.

He has the Battlefield 3 Limited Edition on Origin with Premium added later on. Could there be a relation?

That should not cause issues.