VU crashing when it switches map..Help

Crash ID: 46734b52-b9cb-469d-bc37-46821e5a1e01
Build Number: 18848
Release Branch: prod



Crash ID: 8397d5a2-3729-4c66-b711-be9efd2cc320
Build Number: 18848
Release Branch: prod

Crash ID: 565dd147-5fe4-432e-9540-7a3e3b6cfdf3
Build Number: 18848
Release Branch: prod

VU server crashed

Crash ID: 2c2af38e-a464-4f66-b4aa-a6a05fce6c31
Build Number: 18848
Release Branch: prod

same problem here, Crash ID: c21fc286-c53d-4bd8-8f00-cb2622209983
Build Number: 18848
Release Branch: prod
i only have the mods fun bots and vote map

same. i think its funbots. hope they fix it. the main reason i got vu was for the bots.

its a shame but i think im going back to bf2. those are great bots.

aqui tambem a mesma coisa

I also am having ‘random crashes’ too. I am using the latest Fun Bots mod along with newest VU updates.

Some maps will do just fine and when the next one starts, BAM! Bye-bye server! I restart it and play the EXACT SAME MAP, and it works with no issues!

This SEEMS like a memory issue (e.g. memory hole).

I am also just using 36 bots. 12 on 1 side, and 24 on the other. Default AI settings too.

I NEVER had any crashes with the previous version of Fun Bots.

As a LONG time PC gamer/tech/user, let me give yall a hint. As the Fun Bot mod is small, BACK IT UP BEFORE UPGRADING!

When possible, ALWAYS keep a copy of the mods you download!

By backing it up or having a copy of the uninstalled mod, if anything goes wrong, you can ‘restore’ the original mod.

So, I will be putting back on the previous version and see if the issues go away. It is sad too…they added more maps to the Fun Bots and other stuff too…such as AI being in a vehicle with you that you are driving and the AI fire the weapons non-stop at NOTHING! Or AI helis taking off and just HOVERING IN THE AIR! :wink:

I also love how they have not addressed how to create your own RM server, though others have been asking for such instructions for a few days now with no response.