VU doesn't work

I thought it was supposed to work with Battle Field 2 but all I am seeing is battle field 3 so I have no use for this account please close, I don’t even like Battle Field 3 How could I have Mistaken BFBC2 for BF3
Not sure, frustrated, I got it working once with your file, I saw the servers even played for a bit, but now wont log in again, so I am so frustrated, and moved my credentials to this account as well, O well, game over, also there’s no VU on the EA Links page so can’t link account, kinda funny how you can get my Soldier and game stats, plus files, but can’t link the accounts at the same rime! I’m so done screwing with this, I hate it when things don’t work, or errors saying my Key code is expired, how does a Key code expire for my BFBC2 ? Rhetorical question, anyway at least I got couple games in, Later! Thanks, this page wasn’t friendly either