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VU.exe does not find B3 installation directory

Good morning!

I’m setting up VU on this system:
This computer has been freshly installed and runs Win10 with all updates as of this day.

I am now stuck at starting VU.exe - it does not find the BF3 directory which I have copied from another PC. I have copied it because I am currently unable to install the Origin client on said computer - for whatever reason the Installer will always quit with error 0x000007b.

How can I tell VU where to look for my BF3 directory without installing BF3 via Origin client, please?

No. Origin is required for the first time you launch VU. There’s no other way, nor is another way being planned. You copied the BF3 files from another PC you still need Origin to “find” the install (can be done by pointing the install directory to the same directory that you have existing files), create a Origin license and some registry keys for you before you can launch VU the first time. Then you must link that Origin account to your VU account in order to play.

That’s unfortunate, the documentation said I could simply, quote:
" or if you want to deploy this to a machine which for some reason can’t run Origin, just download it on another computer and transfer over all the files."

Thanks for helping, though!