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VU launcher and BF3 key problem


I wish you a happy new year 2021

I have a problem of at least 2 problems

The first is that when I put my key of my BF3 game in the license KEY box in my account
It tells me that my license key is invalid or has expired
However, I bought this key on ORIGIN in 2011

The second problem is that when I run the client VU I get an error
“An error occurred while initializing the drm module (error 4) please check your game data and try again”
I tried re-installing it 3 times and the problem is still the same

I am registered on your site my ID is Cobra83700

I thank you for your response in advance.



You don’t have to put your BF3 key there - just ignore that page.
Just start VU normally.

Hi Cobra,
Not sure if this will work for you regarding getting the game registered but this is what I’ve done and what I’ve had all our clan members do, but you have to do it in this order:

  1. Install Origin and log into your account
  2. Ensure BF3 is installed (either from Steam or Origin) but not running.
  3. Install and launch the VU client (while the Origin client is running). This automatically links your Origin and VU account plus registers the game with the VU client.
  4. Log into your VU account in the VU client and you should be good to go.

Try it out and see if it works.


Thanks: Lujara and Mox

I just performed this maneuver designated by Mox but it doesn’t work
I even tried running the VU client first and then origin with no success
Of course antivirus and firewall cut, even Windows firewall.
Tried with the game running and running the VU client last it doesn’t work
I can confirm that origin and battlefield 3 work because we play on them regularly with my team
After careful uninstallation of the VU client and re-installation nothing works, I don’t know what to do.

Here is the error I get seeing screen:

Lien vers mon image

If you check your profile on the vu website does it state that your origin account has been linked to your vu account?

Unfortunately no nothing to change :sleepy:

Lien vers mon image

At least that would explain why you get the DRM error.

Can I suggest you follow my steps above again, BUT before you do so, create a new VU account and use that to log in to the VU client?
I know it’s a bit of a bother, but maybe worth trying.
So basically:

  1. Create (new) VU account on VU webpage.
  2. Install Origin and log into your account.
  3. Ensure BF3 is installed (either from Steam or Origin) but not running.
  4. Install and launch the VU client (while the Origin client is running). This should automatically links your Origin and VU account plus registers the game with the VU client.
  5. Log into your VU account in the VU client and you should be good to go.

As he mentioned the problem occurs when launching the VU client, he didn’t even have a chance to provide the login credentials, creating another account wont help at all.

If the client throws the error as soon as he launches it then you’re right, creating a new account won’t work. But actually he doesn’t specify when exactly the error occurs…“when I run” is a bit ambiguous

The DRM error is likely a failure to authenticate/link his Origin account which logically shouldn’t happen until after he has logged into VU, and since he has already tried to manually add his key to VU via the webpage and this didn’t seem to work, I figured maybe the link with his account to his game is messed up and starting fresh would be preferable.

Of course if you have a better suggestion?!

@Cobra83700 are you using an antivirus or some other system or integrity protection software and if so what is it?


Last night I painstakingly uninstalled and re-installed the VU a few times and now when I run it it doesn’t show any error anymore, it looks like it’s doing nothing it’s not present in the task manager.

Hello Reirei, Mox, Nofate

I cut antivirus and firewall as well as all non-essential programs, this is the basic thing to do in case of problems with a program.
I uninstalled the VU, created a new account, installed the VU, launched Origin
Then launch VU, see if the new account was linked (not) and enter the License Key.
I even tried in a different order but with no success.
Unfortunately NOTHING to change is exactly like with the other account, SEE SCREEN:

I really want to get the BF 3 mods to work on my server and be able to play them with my team members.

There must be some kind of weird “security” program on your PC. Sometimes, even a disabled antivirus can interfere with VU.
What antivirus are you using?
And are you sure there are no other “PC improvement” things installed?

You shouldn’t have to enter any license key at all; launching VU with Origin running should sort that out automatically.

When you launched VU, did it present you with the login screen or did it “crash” before that - or not run at all?

Someone mentioned in the forum that the VU installer gives a false positive with some AV programs and quarantine either the installer or parts of the application files; as lujara suggest, it could be that the AV is still interfering.
Is the AV disabled while you download and install the VU client?

I uninstall my Anti Virus, then restart
The windows antivirus detected VU as a threat so I authorized the VU program.
And all of a sudden my G disk where my games were gone
I tried to find it by going through: this pc / gerer / disk management but it is not detecting.
But good news the VU program seems to work because: see screen
But the problem now is that I no longer have my disc where my games are installed.
I will get back to you tomorrow I will try to re-detect the missing disks.


My McAfee antivirus has been uninstalled
Windows antivirus is cut
The VU application was put in the list of allowed programs
The disc disappeared yesterday is again detecting
After having re-downloaded VU and installed this morning
The problem is still the same nothing happens.


That’s it I finally managed to get VU working

If it helps others who are having the same problem as I am, this is what I have been doing since the last time.

  • Thorough uninstallation of VU
  • Withdrawal of the authorization in the whitelist of Windows antivirus
  • Windows update
  • Download of VU in ZIP version
  • Installation of VU by vu.exe

At this time it will directly launch BF3 in VU mod
All you have to do is put a shortcut on the desktop

A big thank you to NoFaTe who suggested that I do a Windows update, even though I had already checked to see if there was an update available.

Even if Windows update tells you that you are up to date, click on download anyway
Because I found this update to download: Feature update to Windows 10, version 20H2

Very strange but good to hear that you got it sorted…

See you on the Battle field :blush:

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