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VU-MajorsMod - The Explosions Inc. mod

Welcome to Explosions Inc.!

You can run at incredible speeds, your jump is now a Yump and you can scale entire buildings, vehicles don’t blow up underwater or when hitting obstacles, helicopters can do loops and barrel rolls, you can take out planes with the magnum, c4 will launch you to the moon, and mines will do it faster. You know, regular everyday crazy.

I have personally tweaked and modified over 25 weapons and 15 vehicles and added more crazy to them. Wherever possible more fun has been injected.



Firstly I recommend the following server settings:

  • vars.soldierHealth 6969
  • vars.gunMasterWeaponsPreset 0 or vars.gunMasterWeaponsPreset 1
  • vars.vehicleSpawnDelay 0
  • vars.playerManDownTime 0
  • vars.playerRespawnTime 5
  • vars.autoBalance false
  • vu.ColorCorrectionEnabled false
  • vu.SunFlareEnabled false
  • vu.DesertingAllowed true
  • vu.SuppressionMultiplier 0
  • vu.VehicleDisablingEnabled false

For vehicles and stunts mayhem the mod works best on the big Armored Kill expansion maps:

  • Alborz Mountains (XP3_Alborz)
  • Armored Shield (XP3_Shield)
  • Bandar Desert (XP3_Desert)
  • Death Valley (XP3_Valley)

For Gun Master you must use the default maps from the Close Quarters and Aftermath expansions:

  • Donya Fortress (XP2_Palace)
  • Operation 925 (XP2_Office)
  • Scrapmetal (XP2_Factory)
  • Ziba Tower (XP2_Skybar)
  • Azadi Palace (XP4_Parl)
  • Epicenter (XP4_Quake)
  • Markaz Monolith (XP4_FD)
  • Talah Market (XP4_Rubble)

NOTE: only the Normal (vars.gunMasterWeaponsPreset 0) and Normal Inverted (vars.gunMasterWeaponsPreset 1) presets have every gun modified.

I have also tested the mod on these vanilla maps:

  • Caspian Border (MP_007)
  • Operation Firestorm (MP_012)

Technically, every map should work but I have not tested them personally.

Download, or “How I get da Explosions on MY server”

As I am making changes all the time, I won’t be publishing zipped releases. Instead you can always grab the latest version on my github where you can also see a detailed list of changed weapons and vehicles.


great mod, keep up the work
thank you !