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VU Prophunt - playing hide and seek in Battlefield 3

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This mod is based on Nofates originally released prophunt mod. This is almost a complete refactor of the code trying to improve almost every aspect to make it work like the hide & seek servers in Garrysmod. Only some small parts are left untouched (yet) which will be reworked in the coming weeks. Thanks for the original idea and the effort you put into it.

What is hide & seek?

Imagine yourself being able to transform into objects on the map. As a so called “hider” you can run around and create new combinations of these objects together with friends and making the seekers belief you are actually part of the map. The seeker have to go through the map and check the objects called “Props” for possible hiders. They have a weapon and need to shoot at objects to check whether these are real objects or a hider that mimics such an object. Every single shot of the weapon will damage the seeker. So he cannot shoot at everything. After 5 minutes either all hiders where found and the seeker would have win or vice versa.

Public server

There is an official EU server up and running called “ hide and seek (Official Prop Hunt)” since a few weeks (started in the week shortly after VU got released) and you can test the mod there. Make sure to have at least one colleague (ask on the VU discord) to start it with you. It makes a lot of fun and maybe we will meet each other ingame.

Current development stage

Even though there is much to do until the final release (look at our Github page) I consider this mod as beta already. Therefore it is playable and not much features are missing. Primary goal is to re-implement a proper way on attaching props to players and therefore making scoring, kill and death counters work again. Afterwise some balancing issues need to be addressed. Overall this mod is working quite well and stable. New maps will also be released over the next weeks when balancing is almost done.

The following features already have been implemented:

  • free cam
  • auto cam (will move through the map automatically)
  • whistle sounds (will be improved once external sound assets can be integrated)
  • easy to use UI
  • revenge mode (when the seekers killed all hider except one the last hider will get a weapon)
  • show name tags for players
  • show ingame tips for new players
  • remade scoreboard
  • random prop chooser
  • highlight of props a hider can select
    and many more improvements…

Help us to improve this modification

Feel free to improve this mod and contribute to our Github repository. Would be great to have things improved over time. I will be happily merging requests that make sense.

Hosting this mod on your own

Hosting this mod does work out of the box. Just copy the Github page to your server and start it. Feel free to configure the mod to fit your needs via the “configuration.lua”. There is an official server called “ hide and seek (Official Prop Hunt)” up and running for your pleasure in Germany / Europe. So there should be a good ping almost all over Europe. Currently there is no need to host another server within EU region due to the lack of player. So please do me a favor and do not spin up like a 20 servers to fragmentate players. If you have improvements for this mod feel free to contact me and I will happily improve the mod. More information about that are on my Github page.

Currently only XP2_Skybar is supported out of the box. But this mod does work with any map when you put some effort in it. Not all maps make sense, though.


You can find the latest release on the github release page. Currently the latest public release is v0.0.4.


Thanks to everyone who made VU possible. It is such a great thing to be able to mod Battlefield 3 the way I want to. It is cool what features are currently included and I am looking forward for more cool features in the future.


welcome screen with auto cam

creating new combinations with friends

seeker chasing two hiders and shooting at them


I would say you need to play this mod to get an idea of what it looks and feels like. There where several improvements over the last weeks but I have found several videos on Youtube with people that have actually played the mod:

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I just wanted to ask, if you could add some custom sound to tip button, for the hiders, instead of explosion and glas sounds.

I remember playing a free hide and seek game, where the seekers would have custom sounds, they could use, there was a tom scream, from tom and jerry and many others. But if you stod the same place, for to long(i don’t remember how many seconds) it would automatically make a sound

Currently it seems that no custom sounds are possible to include within the engine. I already looked into that. I can play custom sounds through the self made UI (I already do that). But in any case: when custom sounds are possible with positional behaviour I will definitely include them.

If one of you knows on how to import custom sounds and play them positional feel free to drop me a PM.