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I did a simple welcome screen mod for our own servers, but I kept it generic enough so everyone is welcomed to use it on their server. The current version works pretty well already but still it is a work-in-progress, so keep that in mind.


  • General VU-like styles and look
  • Customizable colors
  • Content supports and renders HTML
  • Content supports :grinning::star::crab: Emojis
  • Multiple Tabs
  • Content fetching from external source possible
  • Easy config


Setup - Add to server

Download the latest release and add the vu-welcome-screen folder to your server directory structure. Also add vu-welcome-screen to your modlist.txt .



You’ll find the config for the mod under shared/config.lua. You have 2 options to modify the actual content of the welcome screen

  • Load content from external source
  • Load content from mod config (locally)

For detailed instructions :point_up_2: please visit the github repository, here

If you have any issues or troubles getting this to work, don’t hesitate to reach out here in the forum or create a ticket in the repository

Download (900.7 KB)


So, do you mean ‘loading screen’?

No ! It’s a welcome message board once the player has joined and loaded the level ! For example you could put in your contact details (like discord or teamspeak) or infos about the mod you are running … rules, descriptions, honorable players …

ah ok, nice one :slight_smile:

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Works great, nice job!

I’d like to make one request - an option to remove the scrollbar at the right of the message, for those who don’t have loads of information to put in the message? It would look better without it when it’s not needed.

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THanks @SmartShots ! That’s a great suggestion ! I’ll try to implement in the next iteration ! Coming soon :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. I’ll post you a screenshot of how I’m using it once I get it finalised.

I’ve also added that request to GitHub along with another. :wink:

@turbopasi I have just added a pull request on your GitHub repo for this MOD. If you want to have a look, it moves the CLOSE button and adds a subtle textured background.

Here’s how it looks on my server now (I also removed the scrollbar for myself):

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This is great @SmartShots ! :tada: Confirmed and Merged :clap:

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hi eine frage wie installier man sowas bin neu und wollte mich mal dran versuchen server läuft zuhause aber noch ohne mods lg