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VUC - Venice Unleashed Controller

Hey! I have created a new application for Venice Unleashed users, to help simplify the server configuration process! I call it VUC, and what it does it lay out a bunch of features of BF3/VU servers, and make them easy to read and use, with simple toggles and text boxes, and checkbox map selection.

NOTE: You need to have your VU server ran at least once.

At the moment, I have a section for Server Options, where you can change the vars, for example, there is now just a toggle for colour correction, weapon unlocks, etc. You can customise your server name, password, how many people are able to join and more! A lot more toggles are being added every newly released version!

A map selection page is also present letting you choose what maps are going to be played, and you can also choose the gamemode and how many rounds will be ran.

A mod section may be added in future.

This is very early in development, and I will be updating the application with more and more features along the way.

To download VUC, follow the SourceForge link below:

Let me know in the comments if any bugs or glitches are present, and other than that, enjoy!


Hey! This application is 100% safe as I have created it from scratch using Electron and JavaScript only. It is only showing that screen since the app is not made by Microsoft.

Hey everyone!

Version 0.3.3 of VUC has been released, and there are a few things we have changed/added.

There is now a “Start Server” button to start your server right from the panel for ease of use.

There is a SourceForge Download button, and the version number available now so that you can go and check for updates.

The app icon has been given a white circle background to make it pop from darker wallpapers and docks.

I hope everyone enjoys these changes, and once again, if you find any bugs/glitches or have suggestions, let me know!

A bug regarding the Start Server button has been discovered, however, I have fixed it with the 0.3.4 Hotfix. Enjoy!

Has nothing to do with “not being made by Microsoft”. You didn’t put a code signing certificate on it, that’s why it’ll trigger like 10 warnings on everyone’s computer before it’ll run.

I highly suggest you upload the source code to a more used open source platform like GitHub. I don’t think this is an application particularly worth hiding the code for, especially since you’ll be able to extract it after installation anyways. And it’ll make the application somewhat trustworthy as people can actually see the sources, and maybe even fix bugs or add features.

Will take a look at that. I started coding not very long ago so I’m not entirely familiar with how all this stuff works. Thanks for the advice!


The whole user interface has been remodelled to resemble the iconic Battlefield feel, yet bringing a modern design with it. Along with this new UI, a new update system has been implemented, making sure more new features like these come to you as soon as they’re released.

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