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Any plans for bot players?

Is there any plans on adding bots ?

I dont care how stupid they are - i just need 8 of them to keep the server up and make it interesting :smiley:


There is a mod for adding bots.
I’m sure we can do something in combination with battlerecorder and replays.
Or For instance in CQ domination mode, making them randomly running and take flags and shoot at enemy sight would be great.

The current mod for bots is very simple, it will just spawn a dumb soldier, all logic for the behavior of the bots must be coded. There is some limitations on the game AI which makes hard to make a mod that works with it.

i really want to play with bots like we did back in bf2


What kind of limitations?

What i’ve read from the VU devs is that the game AI is not networked synced and the pathfinder requires custom tools to modify.

Here is what I came up with right now:

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