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Australian and New Zealand Server

Hello and welcome!!

Not sure if i am allowed to post here though i thought i do some sharing.

TSP-Games will be hosting 1 server for everyone’s enjoyment though id like to know what configuration is most attractive to you? (if first server works out we will be expanding)

How many players?
Game modes?

the 64 max , Conquest (conquest assault as well) … would be nice to bring back tank superiority. With the maps… you asking which ones or the kind of tweaks in the maps ?

Yeah just asking what would people like to see!

I have added map voting and a few other things aswell!

Though server is for everyone so asking people what they want to help everyone have a good time

Ia that 64 total players or 64 esch side?

Hi. With the maps, the voting system would be good.
I’m still learning about what VU BF3 offers but if disabling certain vehicles by admins/owners of servers is a ‘thing’, then by all means add a voting system for gamers to be able to vote to disable vehicles … like Jets !!! (I can’t stand their cheap kills against foot soldiers) lol Or even have the owners/admins of the server disable them permanently if the majority want that change.
Even taking out / voting out attack choppers in certain maps like Armored Shield (but leave the little bird chopper in it). Removing / voting out tanks & BMPs on maps such as Karkand and Grand Bazzar would be a good thing as they are slightly OP for such smallish maps.
Also removing or voting out (except grenades) weapons like rpg’s, LVGs, M320s and such from small maps like metro would be huge bonus !
Tweaking maps like that really helps to remove the annoying factor on maps and reduces the toxicity (to some extent) in rounds.
As for the amount of players in rounds, I didn’t know VU offered more than 64 players on each side… if that is what you were inferring in your last comment. If so, then yeah… experiment and see what the reaction from gamers would be. I would like to see that. Otherwise, the server should always offer the current available 64 max total (32 to each side).

It sure is possible to vote no guns and vehicles but it isnt going to be easy!!!

yeah apparently with vu can have 128 player matches

ok ok … it was just a suggestion… nothing more. Didn’t mean to upset you with the voting thing.

im not upset :open_mouth: