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Better reviving

This is an issue in BF4 sometimes, when someone dies there is a pulse icon above them, but you can’t revive them. It seems unresponsive, not always though.

well VU is for BF3. not sure if this is a typo cuz VU has nothing to do with BF4.
fyi if a medikit or an ammobag is on top of the dead player then you have to shoot it first and revive then. Otherwise it won’t work. This is a vanilla bug. No idea if someone can figure out how to fix this.

Oh sorry I worded it poorly. I mean it is a bug in BF3 but also happens in BF4.
So I was wondering if it’s possible to fix here.

Sometimes you can spam revive kit but you can’t revive.

This bug also sometimes exists if the person being revived is in or near a bush/water. Core game bug though was like it the whole way through both games