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BetterIngameAdmin (Alpha)

Here we are again. Just a couple days till release. Unfortunately this mod isn’t completely ready yet. I mean it is working but some admin features are still missing. Like Managing the Map List and Managing Ban and Adminlists. This doesn’t stop me from publishing this version for you guys. Let’s call this the Alpha version. On github you have a full list of bugs and improvements that will be worked on.

Anyways here is a list of features that this mod brings:

  • shows server banner, server name and server description in the loading screen
    • vars.bannerUrl Rcon command to change the server banner (Size: 512 x 128 px)
  • new scoreboard (press right click to enable mouse)
  • server information like on console
  • client settings:
    • toggle between hold/press tab to show scoreboard
    • show/hide client ping on the top right corner
    • default minimap size
    • mute different chat channels (admin, all, team, squad)
  • click on player in scoreboard to open up possible actions:
    • votekick
    • voteban
    • mute/unmute
    • join squad
    • kick from squad (if you are squad leader)
    • promote to squad leader (if you are squad leader)
  • click on your own player in scoreboard:
    • start surrender voting
    • assist enemy team
    • cancel assist (if player is in an assist queue)
    • create squad
    • leave squad
    • close squad/ open squad
  • managing map rotation:
    • choose next map
    • restart map
    • run next round
  • manage server setup:
    • choose preset (custom/current, normal, hardcore, infantry, hardcore no minimap)
    • change server name
    • change/ set server description
    • change/ set server message
    • change/ set game password
  • manage preset:
    • choose preset (custom/current, normal, hardcore, infantry, hardcore no minimap)
    • edit the custom/current preset
  • manage mod settings:
    • show dead enemies on scoreboard
    • voteduration
    • cooldown beween votes
    • maximum voting starts per player
    • voting participation needed in % (also needs minimum 4 yes votes)
    • enable/ disable assist function (disable this to enable the vanilla team switching again)
    • show loading screen info
  • click on player in scoreboard to open up possible actions as admin:
    • move player
    • kill player
    • kick player
    • temp. ban player
    • perm. ban player
    • edit admin rights of player


You will also need the gameAdmin mod. So add this to your ModList.txt as well.

You have to be the first person who joins your server and the mod will save you as the server owner automatically. If you own more then one server you can reuse your mod.db files for them. So you don’t have to set it up for every server.
After doing gameAdmin.add * also do Otherwise you have to do it again after server restart.

Downloads (403.3 KB) (3.9 KB)


Great work! Gonna be adding this to my test server! (Youghnough)

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Hello. Is voteban broken? At 64 slot server 20+ players voted yes and player still not banned. Any settings for that?

I think atm at least 50% of the players have to vote for a successful votekick/ban.

50% players on one team? or total number of players on the server?

Total numbers of players

Updated version to 0.0.3.
Contains several bug fixes and adds console log prints to the server.

gameAdmin was updated to 1.0.1. Added console log prints to the server. And you don’t need gameAdmin.load in your Startup.txt anymore.

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I think this is too much. Where can I adjust this percentage?

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You can’t. It will be possible in the next update where I add Mod Settings.

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Update BetterIngameAdmin to 0.1.0

  • Implemented Mod Settings and Cooldown between votes and some bugfixes.

Update gameAdmin to 1.0.2

  • Prints all admins with their abilities on gameAdmin.load in the server console

You can add server new version checks (based on N4gi0s code), sth like the attached lua.updateCheck.lua (1.8 KB)

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Updated gameAdmin to 1.0.3.
Improved some console log prints
and updated the generator html file so people with spaces in their name should have no issues anymore.

Updated BetterIngameAdmin to 0.1.1.
Now you can disable the loading screen info in the config file in the client folder.

Updated BetterIngameAdmin to 0.1.2

Client Settings:

  • Added Default Minimap Size: small/large
  • Field of View and Mouse Sensitivity Multipliers don’t reset on the next map anymore.
    Admin Mod Settings:
  • Show Loading Screen Info

Removed the config file, you can hide the loading screen info now with the mod settings.

i want show ping is diplay tru by default, i have try :
– Region Local Ping
self.showPing = false and true
– Endregion

but dosent work in BetterIngameAdmin\ext\Client_init_.lua (L43)


Because it is in the JavaScript. You can modify it for yourself, but I won’t change that. I will wait till they release Client mod settings and then the client can save the settings like he wants to.

Thanks will be added in the next update, if I don’t forget it.

Hey Bree, could we get a ‘surrender’ vote option incorporated? seems the perfect mod for this option.

what do you mean? there is a surrender vote option.

gameAdmin updated to 1.0.4.
Now you should really don’t need the gameAdmin.load in your Startup.txt anymore. Because the mod does it now by itself in the first Level:Loaded event. More updates on the BetterIngameAdmin will follow. First there will be another release so stay tuned. :sunglasses: