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Can access VU without modding license

Hello, I’ve received the mail with my modding license key and did the required steps to access VU but I noticed the license key currently attached to my account is not the one I received in the mail, my guess that it’s the Beta key from almost six years ago. Anyway I tried to access VU and it’s working fine even without the new key (as far I can tell), it even remembered my soldier from the Beta :laughing:
My understanding was only modders with the new license should access VU for the moment, is it correct? What should I do?

No, everyone with an old account could play VU at this point. This is intended I guess.
So you should do nothing. Just keep the new key and have fun.

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Okay, thanks. During that old Beta modding tools weren’t available to everyone, so I thought that key wasn’t valid anymore.