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Connecting Stuck

Good Morning :slight_smile:
we tryd the Mod yesterday and it was great to feel BF3 again :slight_smile:

There where some things that we saw:

  • Connection on server stuck sometime in Black Screen. I thought this was most on 120 hertz servers.

  • Is there a anti cheat enabled ? on metro where some strange kills :slight_smile:

  • some servers had heavy laggs and you could hardly play. FPS jumped from 200 - 160 and back again.

  • one should be able to limit the series of firings. This gas or fog … whatever that is was really annoying and you could hardly see while playing :slight_smile:

but stop the howling. performance is good :slight_smile: there are teething troubles and they will soon disappear i think. Nice to have fun again at BF3

Greetings :slight_smile: and happy Chrismas :slight_smile:

  • for black screen some server admins have more slots than what the server can support, so the black screen is like you’re in a queue, so disconnect and try other server.
  • no anticheat enabled atm due punkbuster does not work with VU.
  • it depends of server configurations not game.
  • again that depends of server settings or the mods which they’re using.

is there any plans to introduce a anticheat?

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the Mod needs a anticheat. The Hype is big but when cheater kill the gameplay the Hype will be over very quickly.