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Custom loadouts for funbots?

Can someone help me figure out where this file is located and how to get it to work properly?..i like to play with bots on night maps and i want them to use flashlights…

Do i just put “_Flashlight” or “_Tactical” after each weapon in the custom list?


I am a coder, but fellow user of the mod.

I believe you can just add the tac light var name to the WeaponList.lua

Located under ext/Shared/WeaponList.lua

TargetPointer is the laser sight.
Flashsuppressor is the light.

The {} is a list of randomizable attachments to add to the guns.


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heck yeah dude thank you very much i’ll give that a try gonna be alot of copy and paste lol how did you get that so organized?..i’m in notepad on win 7…my file is a mess

update it works like a charm but it is ‘Flaslight’ not ‘Flashsupressor’ …easiest way to do is edit then replace the ‘Flashsupressor’ and ‘Extendedmags’( fun-bots-2.5.0-RC2)with ‘Flashlight’ and then onloy snipers and PDWs have no flaslight…thanks again for the help bud and i hope this can also help others get their night game on…peace

how i can adjust the intervals between day and night? in the current test version of the new darkness unleashed mod by default the cycle is like one second between…id like to gain access to the vehicle lights in the same version would complete the night map immersion factor…and the stars and moon at night…brilliant…but the day/night cycle how do i do it properly? do you also use this this mod

Lol, I didn’t even realize. In my head I was thinking flashlight-supressor.

I use Visual Studio Code. It has an editor to open files with. I then added LUA support in the extensions to get it lookin nice.

I don’t use that mod. But I remember seeing the authors state that not all vehicle models have lights.