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Custom map - Villa // Kaffarov from campaign in multiplayer

Using the terrain from the classic singleplayer mission Kaffarov, this is a map based off the events of the mission.

You can choose the following modes in this map: Domination, Gunmaster, Squad TDM and TDM.

To load these, write ‘XP2_Skybar Domination0, XP2_Skybar SquadDeathMatch0, XP2_Skybar GunMaster0 or XP2_Skybar TeamDeathMatchC0’ in your MapList.txt.

This map is using Ziba Tower as a foundation.

MAKE SURE YOU SET ‘-highResTerrain’ AS A LAUNCH COMMAND FOR YOUR SERVER (you should do this anyway). Without this, the terrain collision gets trippy.

All of this have been possible thanks to SassythSasqutch (who made the base mod and make it possible to load the campaign missions themselves), FoolHen (who found how to block properly the terrain),MajorVictory87 (who made possible to get Enlighten in such maps), IllustrisJack (who helped on coding and set different wind speeds), Jannsent and Bree_Arnold (who helped on coding).

The final version of how to convert single player and coop maps will be posted by SassythSasqutch soon™, my version is old but functional.

Remember that this custom map will completely overwrite Ziba, so if you want to play on such map you’ll have to uninstall it.


  • Unzip Kaffarov
  • drag: MapLoader-Villa, Villa-Custom-map and vu-Villa inside your mods folder.
  • Choose any mode from xp2_skybar and enjoy.

Updated Villa to 1.1.1 :

Download: (353.2 KB)


Awesome!!! Cant wait for more!

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this is so cool, im hyped for the other maps!

as what i have seen in the video, it looks great!

Will a future version of this make it possible to play without overwriting the map?


Indeed, Sassy is currently working on it, once done i’ll update the mod.

Updated Villa to 1.1.1 :

  • Added FX
  • Rebuilt some rooms and corridors.
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beautiful and nice work!

I followed the installation instructions, but my server won’t show up. I’ve added what you said to the map list, but it isn’t working. I’ve added the mods to the modlist too. Online VU server, it says the map is MP_Subway instead. I’m using the fun-bots mod, if that matters.

Hello, where i must set the -highResTerrain?
I sink into various places in this cool map, is that why i set not the -highResTerrain…

Thanks for help

Hi Keku, Thank you for all the great content and effort!
I really like the idea of loading and editing singleplayer maps.
Are there any updates about the instructions?

Hi keku, Love the map but the latest dev branch of VU (18392) breaks it. You drop below the map and most of the graphics are actually missing. It ran perfectly in the previous dev version (18330).