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Fun-bots - TDM - AI - Bots for BF3-VU

I totaly agree, but in my opinion you can combine these things and just have a lot of fun in improving it :slight_smile:
And if everyone creates advanced pahts for just one map, we will have a lot of fun in a very short time.


somehow my server crashes when I play rush mode ( on maps that support rush mode in funbot-V2.0.0.1 ) , not immediately crashes but after some play time , is this a known problem ?

I haven’t found out what causes this yet. I’m on H
holiday rn but I will continue to search for the reason. If you find out any clue what exactly might cause this just let me know…

hey joe, thank you for replying, I just played rush mode with funbots for 3 rounds, and everything was fine, then I quit the game, a few seconds later the server crashed. I can’t tell whether it’s caused by funbots as the error info shows nothing related to funbots… I’ll tell you when I get more clue.
again thanks for this amazing mod, it surely brings so much fun…and enjoy your holiday~

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Hello Joe, after multiple tests, I think I’ve found the trigger for server crash in rush modes with fun-bots.
Here is the situation: when the charge is placed , and alarm goes off, and if the bot ( defender team ) starts defusing AFTER the alarm goes to second phase ( ring raises in pitch before exploding ), and then if the defuser bot gets killed, the server will crash immediately.
I hope this will help you look into the problem, fun-bots still has great potential.

So when you tweak the bot config, you can come up with a setup that fits you but all bots seem too similar and that feels not realistic. Thus I would suggest to have an option that will randomize some of the config options (not fully but by a range eg. +/-10%). That will produce some “good” bot players and some “bad” bot players.

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Thank you very much! I’m back now and I think i will be able to investigate this further this week. This really helps a lot!!

There already is a setting called “BotWorseningSkill” this affects the aiming and the reaction and spreads the skill over the bots.
The reaction and aiming related to the distance is a good point and I just put it on my TODO-List. Thanks for that!

Hey, I just started using your bots. They are pretty good. Now, I started the server on my computer using “vu.server”. Then I joined the match with the “vu.client”. As you have told, I pressed the F12 to get bot editor but it says that I am not the admin. So, how do I give myself access?

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@ASHPUN can use RCON commands if you know how to do so, see fun-bots permissions
2.add command to your server startup.txt like this: funbots.Permissions playerid *
3.edit config.lua at Mods\fun-bots\ext\Shared folder, set “IgnorePermissions” to true

for No.2, change “playerid” with your own ingame id, but I’m not sure if it works because I personally use No.1, and if you try No.3, you are giving everyone the permissions


@ASHPUN or just use the most simple method:


Hi guys, I’m really sorry for asking help with such a stupid issue, but I’ve damaged my brain already trying to find out what I’m doing wrong.
So, the problem is that I cannot spawn any moving bots (bots with !row command spawn and die after 5-7 sec).
I’m running home dedivated server with standart parameters, I have no any other mod enabled, “vars.roundRestartPlayerCount” and “vars.roundStartPlayerCount” parameters in Startup.txt are set to 0.
Permissions are set via procon for my player:



But adding bots neither via bot menu nor via chat command int’s possible:


Parameters in Config.lua in mod folder are default.
Version of the mod is
Any ideas where is the problem?

vars.maxPlayers <num>, this command in startup.txt will limit your total players including bots, or you can add it and give a number to the limit.
or maybe it’s some command in config.lua(Mods\fun-bots\ext\Shared), search “spawn-limits” or “max” in this file, and check the limits.

Thank you for your reply, I’ve cheked this values - both (vars.maxPlayers in Startup.txt and MAX_NUMBER_OF_BOTS in Config.lua) are set to 64.
In spawn-limits section of Config.lua all parameters are default, specifically “MaxBotsPerTeamDefault” and “MaxBotsPerTeamCl” are set to 32 per team.

that’s weird, maybe it’s because of the other commands in your startup.txt conflicting with funbots mod, also check procon bf server config panel.

Question - on Conquest/Domination/Assault, is there an option for bot respawns to drain tickets as actual players normally would? Perhaps I’m missing something in the config, but currently I’m not seeing their deaths/respawns affect the scores, and it’s causing matches to run long.

Is there an option to control the bot spawn rate in vehicles?

What map are you using?
When the Bots you spaned die after a few seconds you are very likely in an area they are not allowed to stay.
Are you sure that the map and gamemode you are trying them to spawn is supported?

Hi, this is a Bug in VU atm. But I will try to write a workaround for this.

Bots don’t spawn in vehicles, they jsut use them when they are available and they come along one.