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...FUN PIT - An East U.S. Server

Hey guys and gals! Robb here again - posting about my own Venice Unleashed server this time - hoping to get some regular population as time goes on.

In the “Deuce-Muffin Fun Pit” we’re aiming for an infantry-based experience that balances the original and fun gameplay of Battlefield 3, with some of the VU mods that provide for a more tactical/realistic experience.

We’ll be playing an even rotation of Team Deathmatch and (small) Conquest on maps from both the original game & the DLCs. We’ve set the tick rate to 60hz with 24 players maximum for a smooth gunplay experience.

We’re very open to feedback! If enough people say they want something, we’ll more than likely do it - so long as it falls under the general direction we’ve set out for the server (being that it’s infantry based with a 24 player count.)

Our server is hosted by [] ( and is located in the East United States. If you live in that locale, your ping should be rather low. West U.S. players can expect a ping around 60-90ms (speaking first hand) and players overseas will certainly see a larger increase, usually between 150-200ms.

I will personally pop into the server EVERY DAY around 5PM (PST). If no one joins, I’ll wait for a time when some friends can join with me. But I promise if there’s someone in there, I’ll hang around until we fill up, I promise! Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are ALL ABOUT Venice Unleashed for me for the foreseeable future - so let’s make my server purchase worthwhile and have some great rounds!

Much love;

Robb AKA thesecondB

My Discord ID is thesecondB#0030

I’m looking for squadmates to chat with while streaming!!