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Help me! I have procon problems

i can‘t connect my vu server with procon
i use correct port and localhost or
i make i set a admin password in startup.txt but all this is unuseful
Could someone help me?

ok, what version of procon u use ?
i notice version 1536 does not show a connection window after creating a connection setup.
connecting to localhost should work , and the rcon port u set in your VU startscript
admin.password “password” is the correct way, not sure if admin.password password also works.
be aware, that the VU server needs to be running, else u try to connect in limbo, hehe.

For anyone else that gets this Procon is non-intuitive for new users. I found it was actually connecting when nothing seemed to be happening after putting in the correct server details. I had to go to it’s main screen and open the drop down in the browser like field at the top. Then you can select what you put in and it connects.