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How To Play?

1)Just noticed Venice Unleashed launched yesterday and want to give it a try - but slightly confused how I can use it - if I install current version will it just give me access to a server list that’s using the engine that I then can play (but I need to somehow download theses mods separately)?
2)I have (a couple of months ago) been a tester on the BF3:reality mod - so I already seem to have an older version of VU on my system (says 1.0 on the window uninstall page and I have a client and x3 server links listed on my win programs) - do I need to delete this and install the latest version to get the VU working or should it auto update this old version?
3)Did try and run the old VU client already on the system and it immediately asked me to input my origin account details? (note I have BF3 original installed (via my origin account) on my PC already) - assume I need to input this to get everything working or would you recommend uninstalling this old VU version and starting again?
any help appreciated…

Just install new VU release, launch it together with origin, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to link your origin account with VU client.

any need to manually delete the old VU or can it just go over the top?
assume because I have used VU before should already be linked with my origin?

im not sure, but it might be okay
yeah, i’ve played before back in 2017 or something, and my account got insta linked, so yeah, you’re good to go dude