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Ideas on increasing player base

i watch a bit of youtube…and it would seem that there are quite a few people interested in VU…people watch my vids…others vids…they post…but i dont see anyone in the servers(not many)…do people just not know this is out(lack of advertising)?..or people just waiting for project reality…bot fights are ok, but getting stale…do i need to pick up a cherry with my butt and drop it in a beer to get in? or is there just nobody here?


I have a player group in china,about 100 person

The reality is this game is quite old as far as PC games go. PC gamers are always looking for the newest shiniest thing. This mod took quite some time to come out and was never that popular to begin with. There used to be more players, but nothing like the games original launch, not even close. It is a real shame as being able to host your own server and no blue tint and mods made this an incredible achievement. Sadly it is too little, too late. I keep our 24/7 Metro server online with bots just to jump on once in a while and reminisce while killing some bots. :slight_smile: Mod is great with immense potential but you will never see more than a handful of players on any server at any given time. That is just the sad reality.

Same with Bad Company 2.

Would love to have seen Medal of Honor as well, that will never happen. Dont think we will have BF4 or Hardline either.

I think there are two major problems in getting VU going. First is that there are so few servers up and running, consistently, for players to populate. Second is there are so few players willing to mostly play bots to populate a server until more players turn up.

If we can get servers that are up and running 24/7/365 and get a good few regular players to help populate those servers… I think it could take off. As the OP says there are people interested, some of which are well known youtubers. If they can find populated servers to play on then we could start to see more VU videos that actually bring more people in to play the game.

I am currently only working on mods on a test server running on my PC, so I can’t leave that up 24/7 but in the future I will be renting a couple of dedicated servers to have running 24/7. I just can’t do that yet.

I’m hoping to find at least a small group of players willing to help me out running and populating the servers so that when I can rent them other players can see populated servers when they come and try VU.