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Metro Map Edit. Lush Park, Smokey Tunnels, More Details


You must add -skipChecksum parameter in your server, or it will lead to client connection errors.
Right click VU server shortcut > Properties > Target add: -skipChecksum > Click Apply
It is case sensitive so don’t forget to capitilize ‘C’.

Download MapEditsLoader: (3.0 MB)
Link to Optional Visual Mod:
Better BF3 Visual Mod. Better Looking Maps
Visual mod used in my map edit video.

What is in the downloaded zip:
1 Mod to place in your VU server’s Mod folder. Add the mod name to your server’s Modlist.txt file.

  • MapEditsLoader

What is in MapEditsLoader:
Inside Folders: MapEditsLoader > ext > Shared > Levels > MP_Subway
You’ll find files that load my Metro map edit for these game modes:
MP_Subway is Metro’s map name.

  • MP_Subway_ConquestLarge0.lua
  • MP_Subway_ConquestSmall0.lua
  • MP_Subway_RushLarge0.lua
  • MP_Subway_SquadDeathMatch0.lua
  • MP_Subway_SquadRush0.lua
  • MP_Subway_TeamDeathMatch0.lua

Can I use it with BetterBF3VisualMod?

I tried, and it worked

Sorry late reply. Yes of course. In my video I am using the visual mod with the map edit.

The game crashes when I try loading the map. I added the -skipChecksum command to my short-cut.

Crash ID: bd25c44f-0548-4ca4-a3af-be33e3813c66
Build Number: 18476
Release Branch: prod