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Better BF3 Visual Mod. Better Looking Maps

BetterBF3VisualMod & (103.8 KB)

  • Tweaked settings to reduce brightness for a handful of maps because players said they were being blinded.
  • New Markaz visual preset because I didn’t like the current one I had.
    Might not be a noticeable difference but I tried to improve the look of Markaz.

What is in the downloaded zip:
2 Mods to be placed in your VU server’s Mod folder.

  • BetterBF3VisualMod
  • VEManager
    (VEManger is a extra mod that is required in order to load my custom Visual Environment presets.
    I included it with correct settings already applied in VEManager’s config file.
    Without VEManager the visual presets won’t work.)

What is in BetterBF3VisualMod:
Custom Visual Environment presets that I made for all 29 of BF3’s maps.

  • MapVisualPresets.lua file.

Also inside are small extra mod files I got from the community that change visuals of the in-game hud and screen effects as well as remove blue fog assets from maps.
I included the extra mod files with preferred settings that look nice with my visual presets.
The extra mod files can individually be disabled in the init.lua file if you don’t want my intended settings or if they conflict with a mod you already use. Or you could delete them from the mod all together if you hate them that much.
extra mod files are:

  • FlashlightSettings.lua
  • MenuAndOutOfBoundsEffectSettings.lua
  • ReduceBlueHUDSettings.lua
  • RemoveBlueFxFromMaps.lua
  • RemoveFxList.lua

What is VEManager:
VEManger handles the loading, creation, and manipulation of Visual Environments.
All it is intended to do for BetterBF3VisualMod is to load my custom Visual Environments for maps.
My custom VE presets will not work without VEManager.

Important note:
Color Correction must be set to false in your server’s startup file.
If set to true it will apply DICE’s default color grading over top of the custom visual presets.

Small known issues:
Explosions can affect the visual presets incorrectly. Usually it is hardly noticeable depending on the map. You may notice a change in brightness, color, or a sudden vignette effect around the edges of the screen when explosions happen.


Love it :wink: Well done!

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what is the command line to turn off color correction?

vu.ColorCorrectionEnabled false

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Yes you do need to add VEManager in the mod list text file.