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Modding A BR Mode

So, I know virtually nil about Modding… Like at all. But I’m willing to learn.

I’m curious if anyone with more experience would like to work on developing a Battle Royale mode in VU. A truly Battlefield style Battle Royale. I have a decent vision for the mode (listed below) but don’t know if this is even possible. HMU if you’re interested.

Conquest Royale

Bandar Desert

Player Count:
60 players. 20 squads of 3

Gadgets: Medic pouch. Defib.

Gadgets: Ammo pouch. C4

Gadgets: RPG. Repair tool.

Gadgets: MAV. T-UGS

Gameplay Features:
Health at 200%
Health auto regenerates to 70%
Medics can heal team mates back to full
Each kit gets two gadgets that apply to that kit. Assault can’t, for example, use a T-UG or repair tool.
After Round 1, supply drops can be utilized to pick a kit.
Must capture a flag each round. If your team is not on a flag at the end of a round, your team is eliminated. If your team succeeds in capturing a flag when the next round starts your squad respawns.
If your whole team all dies, you are eliminated.
Ring does 15% damage to players. Ring initiates the suppression mechanic. Limited visibility as a deterrent.

Round 1: 2 Minutes
0 flags. All about looting

Round 2: 4 minutes
20 squads. 13 flags
Flag cap takes 60 seconds

Round 3: 4 minutes
13 (or less) squads: 7 flags
Flag cap takes 60 seconds

Round 4: 3 minutes
7 (or less) squads). 4 flags
Flag cap takes 60 seconds

Round 5: 3 minutes
4 (or less) squads. 1 flag
Flag cap takes 45 seconds. Or team elimination.


i love the idea i hope someone will work on it .

I’m not a game developer but I can code high-quality JS and UI’s.
I would really want to work on a BR mode but not necessarily a conquest oriented one.

I think a good place to start would be to look into modifying the dropship or AC-130. Learn all the api methods, ect. See how to update the ejection animation, flight path, etc. Then figure out how to port it to any map.

Finally great place to end may be to look into the hitbox mechanics and health system (ex hitreactioncomponentdata in frostbite) then try to build a limb health & limb damage distribution parts.
Then personally, I’d want to revamp the heath system entirely be more like tarkov when you have bleeding & broken bones, limb health & limb damage distribution.

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I love the idea of the AC-130!

Not so sure on the Tarkov damage model, though. I’ve never played, so I don’t know much about it, but it seems like just bumping damage to 150% would be an easier solution? Keep it simple?

Again, I don’t know anything about developing this, but would love to help in any way I can. If you want to work on this, just let me know what I could do to help.

In tarkov each limb has to be healed individually, if it’s blacked out of hp, the damage spread across all other limbs. If it’s black, your health also slowly goes down until you heal (bleeding). If an arm has no hp, your accuracy decreases. If your legs are gone, you cant print. Also in Tarkov, if a limb is out of hp it cannot be healed without using cms first (but I’m not going to add a cms).

Basically, you are required to be near a medic at all times or swap out an item for “First Aid Pack”.