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(Not) the end of the modding competition

The modding competition was supposed to end yesterday, but unfortunately the number of mod submissions we received was pretty underwhelming and not what we expected (especially considering how many people had signed up for it), which means that there wouldn’t be much competition in this competition (pun intended).

As such, we have decided to extend the deadline to Jan 28th 23:59 GMT and open the competition up to everyone who wants to participate, not only people who had signed up for it prior to release. Same rules as before apply. To submit your entry send an e-mail to [email protected] with VU modding competition in the subject. For anyone who has already submitted a mod you can use this time to further test and improve it.

Good luck!


Are there too few mods in general or are too many of the mods released so far not submitted?

We received only a handful of submissions for the competition, even though over 100 people were accepted into it. Many of the mods posted in the releases forums were made by people who joined after the competition entries had closed or who had access to VU in the past. The former can now submit their mods to compete, while the latter will still be ineligible.

Like, how many mods are still expected to come, like there was, 100 sign ups and we have so few mods?

Did they, just lost interest?

A good chunk of those probably just wanted early access to VU. Also, modding for frostbite is a pretty involved process.

I guess, that’s why, we can’t have nice things

I had a mod in mind when I joined and got a few things going with some code I got off github but had no idea how to get the rest of it done with all the bundle stuff and trying to find the right functions to override. Not sure how far others got with their unsubmitted mods.

Is there any update on who won?

Not yet. Unfortunately the past month or so has been extremely unforgiving and we haven’t found time to get these mods tested, demonstrated, and voted on. However, we want to get to it as soon as possible.