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The end of the modding competition

As many of you should be aware by now, the modding competition ends this Sunday (17th), so now is the time to submit your final competition entries. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Submit your completed mod in the mod releases forum category by Sunday 17th, before 23:59 GMT. Make sure to follow the mod posting rules and guidelines and use one of the existing release posts as a template on how to structure your submission.

  2. Send a reply to the competition acceptance e-mail you received from [email protected] mentioning your VU username or e-mail address and a link to your mod submission topic. If you are participating with a team, make sure to include the usernames / e-mail addresses of your team members.

After everyone has submitted their mods we will be determining whether they are eligible to win a prize (eg. based on whether the author had access to VU in the past) and in the coming weeks we will be hosting play testing sessions with VU staff and the community for each of the participating mods (where it makes sense). We are also welcoming content creators to create short clips to demonstrate each mod. Details for each play testing session will be announced on our Discord server and on Twitter.

Once everything has been played by the community we will be holding a poll to determine the winners, in which both community members and VU staff and friends will be able to vote for their favorite mods. As mentioned before, votes by VU staff and friends will be weighted more than community votes in order to ensure fair play. After the voting period has ended and the winners have been determined, they will win monetary prizes from our community fund.

That’s all! If you have any questions please feel free to reply below and good luck to everyone!