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Mod Releases Rules & Guidelines

When posting your mod releases there are some rules you must follow and general guidelines that you should be aware of. Failing to follow these rules will result in your mod being removed. Repeat offenses will result in your account being suspended. The rules and guidelines outlined here may be updated in the future.


Copyrighted content

Your releases must not contain any copyrighted content that you do not have permission to redistribute. If you are uncertain about whether something is copyrighted or not, you should contact the original author and ask for permission.

Obfuscated & binary content

You are not allowed to publish releases containing binary files (exes, dlls, or otherwise) or obfuscated / minified code. All mod releases should contain the original source code. The only exception of allowed binary files is for mods that contain a pre-populated server-side SQLite database or a WebUI (vuic) container.

Paid content

Paid mods and other paid content is not allowed. Posting mods that have features locked behind a paywall will also not be permitted. Your mods should be fully functional and complete.

No advertising

You are not allowed to advertise your server, website, Discord server, or anything of the sort in your mod releases or inside the mod itself. The only place where you are allowed to have any sort of reference to such is the URL field of your mod.json file, which can point to a page dedicated to your mod (like a repository).

Mod files

Unless explicitly permitted to do so by staff, all mod files should be uploaded directly to your mod release topic. You should compress your mod in a zip archive that can be extracted directly into a user’s Admin/Mods folder to be used. If you have a public source code repository for your mod, you are allowed to link that.

No tutorial mods

If the only purpose of your mod is to provide a tutorial for a specific piece of functionality you should instead be posting a tutorial in the Tutorials section.

Clearly labeled WIP mods

If your mod is still a Work-In-Progress make sure to clearly label it by adding the wip tag to your release topic and stating that it’s a Work-In-Progress in the description.


These are some guidelines that you should try to follow when creating and posting your mods. Failing to follow these will not necessarily result in your mod being removed, but it is expected you do.

Detailed description

Provide a detailed description of what your mod is about and what it does. List out the features it offers and if it’s an iteration of an existing mod, what makes it different.


Make sure that the requirements of your mod (eg. DLC) are clearly outlined in both your mod description and the mod.json file.


If your mod requires configuration or has special installation requirements make sure to outline them in your post and have detailed instructions on how to configure it and manage it. This should include things like client-side and RCON commands your mod registers, etc.


If your mod has something that can be represented visually try to include some screenshots or videos of what it looks like.

Minimum version

Try to make sure that your mod clearly states the minimum version of VeniceEXT it needs to function in its mod.json file.


Try to make sure your mod performs well and doesn’t significantly adversely affect game performance.