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Operation Metro Conquest Small is loaded everytime the server is started. How to change?

When I start the server, Operation Metro Conquest Small is loaded. how can I change the starting map? How can I change map in game?

It seems that I cant load expansion maps. If I put base game maps, it works.
By the way, when I first install vu unleashed, i own the base game only. recently i bought premium edition. is there anything i need to do because of this? i have verified in origin that expansion is already installed. or should i uninstall and reinstall bf3?

Operation metro is driving me nuts.

I think metro is the default map it loads when there are no maps specified. You need to edit the map list like explained here. [ I guess you already figured out that]

No idea why the DLC maps aren’t loading.

  • Check whether Back to Karkand maps work (Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman,, etc.) They should work even if you didn’t buy premium pass (because the files already come with base game).
  • Try reinstalling VU

Also checkout this mod to enable a map vote after the first round. [VU-MapVote] [GUI] Allow players to vote for the next map - Modding / Releases - VU Community Forums (

I figured out what was wrong. I need to reinstall from steam since steam version have the dlc. I thought once i purchase premium ed in stesm, it will upgrade my origin ver with the dlc. Its not. Have to reinstall from steam.

Thanks everyone. Im enjoying the bots