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Questions about local server hosting

So I went over this guide: and I am stuck at the :
“GUI mode is the default operating mode for the VU server, and will create a new window with server output and other useful information. To start the server in GUI mode you need to run the VU executable ( vu.exe , present in the VU installation directory) with some specific launch arguments:”
How do I set vu.exe launch argments?
If I set those arguments to launch a server through that exe,would I be able to than launch the game from the same vu.exe and join the server I just hosted?
Is there a video showing how to set up your local server?(not a rented server,a localy hosted one)

I am sorry if these are silly questions,but this is my first time trying to host a bf3 server and the writen guide was a bit confusing.

Not sure if it is currently possible to set up a server and play BF3 to join said server from the same PC.

The guide you’re refering gives you instructions on how to set up the server on a separate PC, not the one you’re playing from, and although I wouldn’t be surprised that you can work your way around this (e.g. running a virtual PC to host the server or similar) it will by no means be easy to do, and definitely not as a first time project.

However if you happen to have an old laptop or PC, then you can set up the server on one machine and join it from the other.

“Not sure if it is currently possible to set up a server and play BF3 to join said server from the same PC.”
Actually I was just able to do that.
I ll try to write a short guide on how to host your local server and join it,here’s what I did:
I followed the “set up your first instance” 6 step tutorial from this page:
Important things to point out here is that in my experience,you HAVE to create an instance folder at EXACTLY this path: “C:\Servers\VU_Instances\VU_Sample_Instance”
When I tried to put my instance in different directory(including the one VU.exe was located in)it did not work,only after I created this directory manualy did it work.

Now that you have created the “C:\Servers\VU_Instances\VU_Sample_Instance” ,download the attachments from the page I linked(at the bottom of the guide) and extract it all in that folder.
Make sure to get a server key(by clicking on your profile here in the forums and going to manage server keys) and copy that key in the server instance folder aswell.
After I set up this folder properly,with the server key,all I had to do was to execute the starcript bat to start the server,once it says “Game succesfully registered with zeus” that means the server is runing.
I than launcher vu.exe and joined my own server .

I have a lot of experimenting to do with customizing the settings,but so far beeing able to host my own server and join it,that’s a good start :slight_smile:

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That’s pretty cool … good job!

When having my own server can I lock it with a password so that only those who know it may enter and play?