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This is awesome! - Appreciation post from NZ

I use to love BF3 but some parts of it did wear away at me. The blue filter and the 3D spotting. This is just fantastic! I jumped on and had three games today despite having a 200ping the game played incredibly smooth and although I lost a few 50/50 gunfights I would normally win I was still able to come away with a 2+kdr and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

I hope this takes off in Aus/NZ and we get some regular servers being populated. I ran into 4-5 of us in my short stint today and I see some games are planned for 7pm AEDT tomorrow so Iā€™m excited to join in on that action!

Big thanks to all developers, I cant wait to everyone hears about this and jumps on to experience it. Waaaaaay better than Warzone!